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33 days ago
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This is the main venue for .impact coordination. Anyone should feel free to add a page (via the top menu) or comment on or edit an existing one. If you have a new project or idea, see How to Add a Project to .impact. For more about what .impact is and a form to get involved, see our website http://dotimpact.im/ (though this hackpad is the primary source of content). See also the .impact Frequently Asked Questions.

20 days ago
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EA Database
People: Angelina Li (ali6@wellesley.edu)
Angelina L Creating a more comprehensive database of EA links and other resources. This is the beta version of a project intended to answer the question: "Are there any EA resources about... x?"
28 days ago
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  • We provide our content both through our own channels, and in external venues such as The Huffington Post, Salon, Time, Psychology Today, Lifehack, etc.
  • We have also established collaborative partnerships with a number of major secular and skeptical organizations to distribute our content. We engage with the audience of these organizations, who are already interested in reason, and take them to rational thinking and effective giving. 
  • We collaborate with a number of EA meta-charities  and also effective direct-action charities  to promote effective giving messages broadly
29 days ago
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Gleb T
29 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Gleb Tsipursky 29 days ago
  • Here is a podcast the well-known Unbelievers Radio, where we did the first Giving Game on air, which you can also use when suggesting a local secular group  hosts a Giving Game.
33 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Gleb Tsipursky 33 days ago
  • The eighth video features Tee Barnett, the leader and co-founder of Students for High-Impact Charity, talking about that organization and how it will benefit the world. This video is especially good to share to convey the positive impact of EA in educational settings. 
Gleb T
  • The ninth video features Jon Behar, the Chief Operating Officer of The Life You Can Save and leader of the Giving Games project, discussing both topics. The video is really illustrative of how EA meta-charities promote effective giving. 
40 days ago
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  • Learn Fast 
Sally B
  • Work Smart 
  • Choose Well 

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