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101 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Richard Batty 101 days ago
This is the main venue for .impact coordination. Anyone should feel free to add a page (via the top menu) or comment on or edit an existing one. If you have a new project or idea, see How to Add a Project to .impact. For more about what .impact is and a form to get involved, see our website http://dotimpact.im/ (though this hackpad is the primary source of content). See also the .impact Frequently Asked Questions.

12 hours ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 12 hours ago
Why it was created
It had become difficult for EA'ers to find the right places to discuss their interests after many new groups were created within a few years (whether spontaneous or formal). Likewise, people with new projects or ideas have to be able to target groups easily whose members could be interested (there is a higher risk of spammy identical posts now – please give any ideas on how to reduce this). 
The EA Groups Directory is designed to create a simple overview for them. It is continuously updated by the page admins mentioned above. The group links are also copied now-and-then to an EAWiki page and reformatted (with massive time lag).
Now-and-then, we post about new groups or interesting conferences or campaigns related to groups.
Page reach optimisation
Another area that we're exploring is a list of EA Facebook pages with buttons to like or unfollow them. This depends on international EA'ers spending a few minutes each to help each other out. It has potential to moderately aid pages' reach with a day's work, if done right. The extra likes may improve the social status of small pages but the effect on engagement is limited. It is possible that unfollowing pages that you're not interested in may boost their Newsfeed reach.
To build up the list and get people involved, a Facebook 'like-athon' was first thought of.  
However, this would penaltise pages' post reach without combining it with unfollows.
Questions you could help us with:
  • Would asking people to unfollow EA pages whose posts they don't read aid page reach?
  • Would liking & unfollowing additional pages improve the pages' status & effectiveness?
  • Will clicking Like buttons in quick succession cause accounts to be temporarily barred from liking?
We are currently looking for people knowledgeable in this field to help us answer these optimisation questions. Please message Remmelt to give your opinions.
Tom A
  • Remmelt Ellen, it might be worth featuring this on the EA Hub (more prominently than via several clicks through the wiki!) You could discuss that with Georgie Mallett :) 
Remmelt E
  • Hi Tom this is a good idea. I'll send Georgie a message to ask for her opinion. 
2 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joshua Fox 2 days ago
Planetary Society pin.
Joshua F A shirt based on the paperclip idea, in a variation seen in a Facebook thread.
3 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sanjay Joshi 3 days ago
People: Co-founders are Sanjay Joshi (EA based in London) and Daniel Winterstein (friend of Sanjay's, not formally in the EA movement, but very EA-aligned thinking)
3 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ray Taylor 3 days ago
If you want the easy way out, just email Peter Hurford <peter@peterhurford.com> or message him on Facebook, and he'll add the project for you.
23 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 23 days ago
Josh J
  • I bought them from Ponoko. Smart idea to post them there. That said, as an FYI, they arrived with issue #4 (a film attached to the plastic that I so far can't completely remove).
Remmelt E
  • Thank you for checking this out! Was the issue with the original file (not with the updated one above?). Sorry that it didn't turn out as well as it should have. 
36 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Allison Koberstein 36 days ago
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