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40 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash 40 days ago
This is the main venue for .impact coordination. Anyone should feel free to add a page (via the top menu) or comment on or edit an existing one. If you have a new project or idea, see How to Add a Project to .impact. For more about what .impact is and a form to get involved, see our website http://dotimpact.im/ (though this hackpad is the primary source of content). See also the .impact Frequently Asked Questions.

17 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Liav Koren 17 days ago
Owen S
  • Sounds good; I think I can dedicate time for dedicated posting.  I don't have a copy of Doing Good Better, though, so I'll need to get one first.
Liav K
  • +1 for reviving the reading group.
25 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 25 days ago
   Fellow page admins:   Janique Behman, Richenda Herzigl, Holly Morgan, Gleb Tsipursky, Johan Groenen
The EA Groups Directory is a Facebook page aimed at listing Effective Altruism-related groups and pages. It lists ~420 groups as of the end of 2016.
It seemed to become difficult for EA'ers to find the right places to discuss their interests after many new Facebook groups were created starting from 2012 (whether spontaneous or formal). Likewise, people with new projects or ideas have to be able to target groups easily whose members could be interested (there is a higher risk of spammy identical posts now – please give any ideas on how to reduce this). 
The EA Groups Directory is designed to create a simple overview for them (as well as other discussion platforms). It is continuously updated by the page admins mentioned above. The group links are also copied now-and-then to an EAWiki page and reformatted (with a massive time lag).
Remmelt E Note that there was already a Wiki list of discussion groups (unbeknownst to Remmelt) that was last been updated on 22 March 2016 as of the end of that year. The advantage of this system is that everyone can in principle edit it without sending a message. The disadvantage is that it is not on the Facebook platform, on which most of the groups are based (it is easier & more intuitive to type in "effective altruism group" in the Facebook search bar than look for it in the wiki).
Now-and-then, we post about new groups or interesting conferences or campaigns related to groups.
Indications of impact
*Note that there are also good arguments for moving serious intellectual discussion off seggregated Facebook groups onto a connected hub optimised for this.*
The page has 114 likes and the pinned post 86 of the end of 2016, which seems to be the most solid indicator of its value (however the post has only had 141 clicks). It was referred to in an EA Global 2016 workshop. Here are other stats for that pinned post, a portion of which was caused by the sharing / clicking activity of Remmelt.
However, this would penaltise pages' post reach if it is not combined with unfollows.
  • 4 afternoons searching for & sorting groups on a laptop 
  • Many short moments adding / correcting more
25 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 25 days ago
Tom A
  • Moderators
  • Ben Henry and Claire Zabel (working on survey, etc.)
Giles E Location: 
Peter H Technologies: Facebook
Tom A Development Stage: Launched, with active work to develop and make better use of
Peter H Description
Tom A A public Facebook group titled "Effective Altruists" was created in November 2012 by Ruairi Donelly. It is independent and not affiliated with any other organisation. It was one of the first cases of the term 'effective altruists' catching on as a description of people taking charity and broader do-gooding seriously in an EA style, and of the movement that was coalescing around this. It was pivotal in the term's adoption by this community.
  • Maximising the usefulness of the group
  • Eric Bruylant and Ozzie Gooen are finishing up the latest version of the EA Wiki and adding lists of other Facebook groups, organizations, etc. These lists can be linked to.
Remmelt E
  • Related to the above comment: feel free to also link to or make use of the EA Group Directory.
  • Maybe also message new members proactively with a standard line? (Hi ... what made you interested in Effective Altruism?)
40 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash 40 days ago
Tom A
  • Feel free to leave comments in this format below:
40 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash 40 days ago
  1. Who else has already done all this research and answered these questions?
Tom A Effective Altruism Policy Analytics has done work in this space. (cc Matthew Gentzel)
41 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Samuel Hilton 41 days ago
Thanks William Saunders . Good questions. There are a few other apps out there eg Conscious Consumer in NZ (lists about 300 cafes, which pay a monthly fee of $30-$40), Shop Ethical (Australia - costs the user $4.99), The Good Shopping Guide (costs user $6.49), Ethical Eats (Canada) Free. The presence of these apps, and the willingness of cafes or users to pay for them is presumably some indication of their value to users and stores.

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