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The effective altruist movement is growing.  There's a lot of money, time, skills, and knowledge in this movement.  It would be good for us, as a community and as a movement, to harness this more.
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  • Editing Guidelines:  Please change this document a lot!  I don't like the wording too much, but wanted to begin somewhere and feel like the purpose of this can be quite useful when explained well.
  • Are you trying to create something to link people to whenever they propose something on the FB group and not explain it?
  • I think they would have to give a few extra words as well, but that something like this can be a nice addition.  I like his post but don't think it would really be understood by newcomers.
Every few days we seem to get someone posting to the Effective Altruist Facebook group with a new intervention idea.  Often these people don't really understand how Effective Altruists evaluate causes, so this typically needs to be explained to each individual separately.  These responses vary in quality and some times the comments can seem harsh for people new to Effective Altruist ideas.  
Therefor it seems useful to clarify which kinds of ideas are seriously considered within Effective Altruism and which will not be.
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1429 days ago
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Have some cool idea but not sure how to express it?
Start Writing Now.  
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First, I recommend reading a post on Academic Movements and Cultural Movements, where the following claims are made:
  1. Academic Movements and Cultural Movements are related but quite separate.  
  1. Academic Movements are agile and can be intellect-driven.
  1. Cultural Movements are about identity, create goals, and are slow and difficult to change.
  1. Academic Movements exist within Cultures according to their given goals.
  1. Academic Movements can become Cultural Movements.  However, this process may be very difficult to control especially as they grow in size.
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Consider the following cultural groups; Hippies, Catholics, Ravers, Hackers, Geeks, Transhumanists.  For each one of these try to imagine what a powerpoint presentation would look like, or what the tone of a presentation would be.  What feelings, colors, songs, themes, personalities do you associate with each?

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