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I. Ideas With Specific Numbers or Lists (to be graphically represented):
1.       Update to ACE’s page on the discrepancy between animal deaths and dollars donated (the “discrepancy page”).
2.      Animals saved per hour volunteered for various interventions (could get you a summary of details, but some recommended ones are leafleting, online veg ads, pay per view video outreach, and humane education; some not-recommended ones are wildlife rehabilitation, volunteering for cat/dog shelters, volunteering at zoos, and protesting animal research).  For probably every potential volunteer method, there’s a large margin of error, and it would be preferable for graphical representations to accommodate this.
3.       It might be worth revamping ACE’s ‘impact of donations’ graph.  (Interesting model for showing margins of error.)
4.       CEA plans to create an infographic based on the following text, though we would welcome help with it.  We plan to fit it in with the draft design of the upcoming EffectiveAltruism.org site.  
  • Collectively, the effective altruism community has accomplished incredible things in just a few short years.  Giving What We Can encourages individuals to pledge 10% of their income to the most cost-effective global poverty charities, and has so far raised over $250 million in pledges. More than 17,000 people have pledged through The Life You Can Save to give a portion of their income to effective charities helping the global poor.  GiveWell has already raised over $30 million, and now advises GoodVentures, a $3 billion foundation. That means that we’ve bought and distributed over one and a half million bed nets, treated over six million children for parasitic worm infections, and provided over $10 million in direct cash transfers to the world’s poorest people. And we expect these numbers to grow significantly in the future.
  • As well as money raised, we’ve seen impact through a variety of other means. Hundreds of young people are choosing careers in order to maximize their impact, often based on advice provided by 80,000 Hours. The Centre for Effective Altruism — the umbrella group that comprises both Giving What We Can and 80,000 Hours — is currently involved in providing policy advice to the UK government. Effective altruist ideas have been featured in major American, British and international news sources. And a number of new non-profit and for-profit social enterprises have been set up, already with impressive results.
II. Ideas Without Specific Numbers or Lists (as of now):

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