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Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash 6 days ago
People: Evan Gaensbauer (original creator, before this reboot), Michal Trzesimiech, Sören Mindermann, Pascal Zimmer (CEA coordinator), Georgie Mallett, Telofy Sparkle, David Moss, Richenda Herzig (.impact coordinator). A collaboration between the .impact Focus Projects team and CEA.
Technologies: Email (MailChimp), Facebook, EA Forum, Feedly, Google Alerts
Development Stage: Launched
28 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash 28 days ago
Contact: tech@eahub.org 
People:  Maintained by the .impact Focus Projects team, specifically its Chief Technical Officer Haryshwaran MI. Created by Tom Ash. Hosts and indexes resources from the broad EA community with their own individual creators.
Technologies: Drupal (and all sorts of different technologies for the individual resources on it, many of which are independent .impact projects)
Development Stage: Launched, with active development
41 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Sanjay Joshi 41 days ago
People: Co-founders are Sanjay Joshi (EA based in London) and Daniel Winterstein (friend of Sanjay's, not formally in the EA movement, but very EA-aligned thinking)
Slack channel: doesn't exist at the moment
Development Stage: about to start creating initial prototype
49 days ago
90 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 90 days ago
  • Moderators
  • Ben Henry and Claire Zabel (working on survey, etc.)
Technologies: Facebook
Development Stage: Launched, with active work to develop and make better use of
109 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 109 days ago
People: Remmelt Ellen (remmeltellenis@gmail.com)
Location: Effective Altruism Groningen / Netherlands
Development Stage: Finished design, with some minor aesthetic flaws

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