Effective Altruism Buddies

Supporters of effective altruism should talk to each other. 

Are you feeling stuck?

Or, do you have great ideas you want to share or just like hanging out with people in the effective altruism movement?

Getting in touch

Note: we’re not therapists and haven’t had any special training. But we know a bit about EA and have likely experienced most of the above problems ourselves at some point.

You can email Giles at altruismbuddy@gmail.com . If you have a specific question that he can’t answer he’ll get you in touch with someone with knowledge in that area.

Suggestions on how to have good conversations

What can an EA do?

- start a local meetup group

- Take the GWWC pledge

- blogging/OpEd

- Promote ideas around social circle

- possibly pamphleting

- Skillshare.im

- .impact projects

EA Buddy Expertise

We can get you in touch with people who know about:

Other resources