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Dony Christie

209 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash , Dony Christie 209 days ago
Josh J
  • I haven't used Trello all that much... but the board's name that is linked is 'small tasks'. Is there a different board for larger ones? If not, what is the key for knowing the time assigned to each task?
Chris C
  • I'm working to launch a cleaner version of this hosted on EAhub.com
Samuel H
  • Hope that helps, would love to see an improved version.
Tom A
Dony C
  • I'm quite interested in helping with this project. It would be cool if we had a gamified system of volunteering actions for people to take.
234 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Dony Christie , Gleb Tsipursky 234 days ago
  • Actions you can help with for CommonEasy
Also: see a high-potential alternative to CommonEasy – Antigravity Investments – further below.

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