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Ozzie Gooen

804 days ago
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Ozzie G If you request money, you'll get at least $20 free ($5/week for 4 weeks)
 You can do this on behalf of an individual or organization.
515 days ago
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Ozzie G
  • We kind of experimented with it, but it was just me.  If you want a decent one, I suggest making one.  It is quite easy to make a Trello board.
668 days ago
1014 days ago
1008 days ago
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  • Joshua Green states that 'rights' are difficult to work with and in general shouldn't be considered.  What do you think of of this?
  • The book discusses abortion.  The argument for banning abortions in favor of creating utility through an increase in population is raised, but then dropped because it would be asking 'too much'.  Is this reasonable?
669 days ago
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587 days ago
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Workathon 18th October 2015
Ozzie G
  • Discuss & figure out .impact onboarding
  • Scientific and editing views for guesstimate
Benjamin C
  • Email out about Good Code and make event on Meetup.com /
  • Re-think and write introductory hackpads to .impact
  • Write out the flow of someone's first contact with .impact to getting involved in a project and adding a project
  • Write out copy for those pages
  • Write up project details on tech related hackpads that can be used in Good Code meetup
  • Give Feedback on Gleb's article
Gleb T
  • Use successes and failures to improve our local chapter
  • GWWC: Cambridge
  • find venues for two events
  • email a potential speaker
  • start working on the Giving Game
  • start working on "diverting funds": make a list of May Ball committees, draft a generic email, delegate work
  • Trinity Effective Altruism Society
  • email the senior treasurer
  • learn to use the mailing list
  • make a plan for the internal Trinity EA event

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