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Samuel Hilton

209 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Samuel Hilton 209 days ago
Dony C
  • I'm quite interested in helping with this project. It would be cool if we had a gamified system of volunteering actions for people to take.
Samuel H
  • Very happy for someone to take this over!
345 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Samuel Hilton 345 days ago
Samuel H Key Research Questions for effective altruism on the topics of policy and politics
  1. What are the priorities to influence them on?
  1. Does this differ for EA's in government's vs. influence from outside?
  1. How should EA's influence government?
  1. How to have an impact in careers in Gov or politics
  1. What does EA thinking actually offer that is useful in this domain. Say if an MP was interested in EA, what would EA actually have to offer them?
  1. What's EA competitive advantage to influencing
  1. Maybe we can be more long term, planning to make and have an influence on a decades or centuries timescale rather than immediately. Maybe we can capitalise on the global EA community, etc
  1. Partisanism? How nonpartisan should EA be?
  1. How to facilitate global coordination?
  1. How to (and should we) improve political and policy making?
  1. Who else has already done all this research and answered these questions?
343 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Samuel Hilton 343 days ago
Thanks William Saunders . Good questions. There are a few other apps out there eg Conscious Consumer in NZ (lists about 300 cafes, which pay a monthly fee of $30-$40), Shop Ethical (Australia - costs the user $4.99), The Good Shopping Guide (costs user $6.49), Ethical Eats (Canada) Free. The presence of these apps, and the willingness of cafes or users to pay for them is presumably some indication of their value to users and stores.

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