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Brendon Wong

88 days ago
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  1. More peer-to-peer insurance startups exist around the world (which Remmelt hasn't researched yet) but the alignment between CommonEasy’s and EAs values makes them a great partner.
  1. If you become unemployed because of physical or mental health reasons, you can submit a ‘claim’ on the CommonEasy website. If no-one in the group disagrees with it, you receive the first payment 2 weeks later. If someone does voice their disagreement, you get the opportunity to reply and solve possible misunderstandings. A voting round follows in the 5 days after that. If 10 or more people vote against your ‘claim’, it is denied. 
Brendon W
  • CommonEasy Alternative: Antigravity Investments
Antigravity Investments, an EA social enterprise focused on providing robust automated investing systems for EAs and the general public, would be interested in sponsoring the EA Community Safety Net. Antigravity Investments has an international entity which should be able to hold the pooled funds of the safety net for EAs around the world. Additionally, pooled funds could be invested with any one of Antigravity Investments' systems. If EAs believe the EA Community Safety Net has enough members to be sustainable and its members have agreed on a benefits plan and benefits distribution decision system, Antigravity Investments is ready to move forward with sponsoring the project.
  • Resources
713 days ago
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EA Funding Network
Ozzie G
  •  Organizers.: Diego Caleiro, Ozzie Gooen, Bob Cordwell
Tom A People:
Giles E Location:
Ozzie G Development Stage: 
Peter H Description
Tom A
  • Old gittip system - see below
  • .impact fund
Peter H Meetings (include if any)
Resources spent (fill in with actual numbers, if available)
Ozzie G
  • Time: ? hours
Tom A
  • Money: $0
Peter H Comments
Peter H
  • Allows for a section for people to comment as relevant.
  • Summary
In addition, Ozzie may give additional money if some particularly interesting projects are shown.  Of course, the idea is that other EAs will contribute if they see things as well!
Tom A
  • Ozzie Gooen, / Ozzie GooenBrendon Wong just entered himself above. I think this first 10 bit is out of date though, and the funding network is inactive and replaced by the .impact fund? Might be worth updating this project page. 
Brendon W
  • Hi, sorry, I have not familiarized myself with hackpad and .impact yet.
Tom A
Brendon W
  •  Ok, I'll be sure to do that! I just joined the FB group today. So should I delete myself on the first ten now? Oh, and how does this comments thing work? Is there a comments section at the bottom of every page, or a button to press or something?
  • Ok, I familiarized myself with the comments feature. It's fine if someone deletes me, or I can delete myself following feedback.
68 days ago
75 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brendon Wong 75 days ago
The objective of EA Investments is to provide free investment management services to EAs and EA organizations, including people's intended donations and finances in general. EA Investments can be used as a platform for finance-oriented EAs to offer either their own investment management or investment strategy ideas in helping other EAs. We have both the infrastructure and the coding talent to accomplish this. We also want to provide support to related EA projects such as the EA Community Safety Net and EA Funds. We have developed robust automated investing strategies based on academic research and a thorough development process, and are looking for EAs to join us and provide additional investment management offerings for the community and/or contribute to investment algorithm development and software development. Please get in touch by emailing team@antigravityinvestments.com!
  • Contact us at team@antigravityinvestments.com to join our Slack and Trello and participate in development
496 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Randy Carlton , Brendon Wong 496 days ago
Brendon W
  • Support would most be needed in terms of spreading awareness of The Giving Basket if it seems to be a good solution. Feedback on the website and further development in general would be helpful as time progresses, including eventually establishing a separate 501(c)(3) to reduce fees if there are resources/volunteers available to do so. We are partnered the nonprofit FJC, which is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to provide donors with tax-deductible receipts. Their EIN: is 13-3848582. More information is available on the Optimized Donations System and Donation Trading System hackpads.
Brendon W
  • Hi Randy, the donation methods 1 and 2 enable people to directly send money to support us. Were you thinking of making a contribution or having others make a monetary contribution to The Giving Basket organization itself? Otherwise, all donations to be routed to other charities go through the one PayPal link, the first one on the Donate page which connects directly to FJC and counts as a tax-deductible donation. We have an arrangement worked out with FJC to enable group donations to what is essentially a donor advised fund.
  • Could you explain your last point more clearly? The point in the previous comment. ^^ We can write tax receipts if someone were to donate to us, yes. We have a fiscal sponsor that provides our organization itself with 501(c)(3) status in the US. They are Social Good, EIN: 46-1323531. Also would it be more convenient to chat on Facebook or something?
498 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Brendon Wong 498 days ago
Tom A
  • I'm afraid not, sorry :( 
Brendon W
  • Can Dot Impact help in other ways, such as marketing the solution so donors can hear about it and take advantage of it?

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