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Haryshwaran MI

649 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Haryshwaran MI 649 days ago
  • EA Australia
Haryshwaran M
  • Developed website based on Peter McIntyre's design.
  • Hosting and Maintaining the AU website.
  • https://effectivealtruism.org.au/donate this form generates reference numbers for bank transactions and allows an admin to confirm payments and auto-generate confirmation emails. We will add Paypal soon, which will auto-confirm the payments. It can publish donations received based on donor consent. Useable across Drupal7 sites.
779 days ago
  • Get Save working with Guesstimate
  • Mainly out scouting out thrift store furniture for some new EA apartments here in Vancouver
  • "Meta" .impact meeting with people (Ozzie G, Ben C, Peter H, etc.)
  • Reply to Chris Conte, who's keen to donate to cover improvements to/maintenance of EA Hub
  • Handle some finances for Charity Science/.impact projects
  • Available for brief conversations with anyone in the workathon who'd benefit from them, towards the start and end of the workathon (i.e. when not out thrifting)
  • LEAN
  • Add Meetup.com group management to the LEAN team manual
  • Hand over Meetup.com managment to Richenda
  • Hand over loose threads in email
  • Hand over any Wordpress management to Max Carpendale
  • Clear email backlog :100: 
Tom A
  •  :heart: 
  • Skype chats with Markus & Andrew
  • Work on RG website
  • Update Hackpad for RG
  • Working on EA survey CSS
  • Hoping to get survey questions lined up better on the page, but not sure if this is technologically possible
  • Got an issue with the LW study hall on Complice that I'd like resolving (basically I'm unable to switch my camera on)
  • Working with my friend and fellow EA Rob on Syberia, which is an R framework for building models.  It's for R what Rails is for Ruby (...though it's probably closer in philosophy and syntax  to Angular than Rails).
  • Start work on the automation - try creating new user profiles on drupal webform submissions.
772 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash , Haryshwaran MI 772 days ago
  • Approve update on LEAN news that Marcus Davis writes today to go out on said newsletter [not got quite yet]
  • Talk to Peter Hurford about some possible fundraising projects [done]
  • Add probing impact evaluation questions to survey of local group leaders [not done]
  • Chase David Moss and Richenda Herzig on their edit of Alex Richard's first updated local group guide, to help him continue with this [sort of done - as much as can for now, Alex IMed to ask if he could carry on and we decided it made sense for him to do so without waiting more]
  • Share my past work [done!]
  • Write LEAN news section for EA newsletter
  • hand over email threads [handed over a big important one]
  • Fix https mixed mode errors on eahub.org{Fixed the map on https]
  • Get https certificate for effectivealtruismhub.com
793 days ago
Ozzie G Workathon 20th September 2015
Workathon 20th September 2015
  • Meetings
Ozzie G
  • Hangout for final updates, at 10pm UTC: 
  • Participants
  • Write check for .impact donation and send it down
  • Work on Radical Givers copy
  • Conversation w/ Adam Gleave (Oxford 80K/EtG guy)
  • Contact more EtG folks off of RG spreadsheet
  • Work out work plan for Andrew McKnight for his 15 hour trial next week in Vancouver
  • Catch up with new Slack channel for people leading projects supporting and creating EA chapters
  • Reply to latest emails from Jon Courtney
  • Firm up arrangement with Richenda
  • Deal with Peter Hurford's suggested budget for EA activities worth funding, including how to cover my basic living expenses for 2015 onwards
  • Leisure-ish
  • Get Feedback on Guesstimate 
  • Small UI fixes for Guesstimate
  • Squash a few bugs on eahub issues list ( or start working on them )
Ozzie G
  • Online Feedback
Suggestions for next time
Ozzie G
  • SF Event Feedback
Suggestions for next time
808 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Haryshwaran MI 808 days ago
Skills: Python, Java, C#/.NET, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Django, regexps, Git, Heroku, XPath/XQuery, Haskell
Skills: Java, web-tech(JS, CSS, HTML), Objective-c, some Python etc. Lead time required for Android dev.
800 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Haryshwaran MI , Marcus Davis 800 days ago
Add newly added groups to the maps on EA Hub. ( Completed )
Automate geocode generation on form signup.
Work on the maps module to include leaflet maps. ( Imported the module but does nothing, have to check on this )
  • Setup multisite for local groups [started]
  • catch up on email [progress]

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