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Georgie Mallett

561 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Georgie Mallett 561 days ago
Georgie M
  • Studied and collated the results from the Local Groups Survey, and began work on the report, including an impact assessment of local groups.
561 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Georgie Mallett 561 days ago
  • Peter Hurford created an analytics fellowship program (correct name/description?). The first 4 members are analysing the EA Survey and helping with Charity Entrepreneurship research. Apply at Analytics Fellowship
Georgie M
  • Georgie Mallett had two Skype calls about diversity in effective altruism, some of the discussion points can be found here 
  • Helped Cambridge run a large mailing list - we're happy to talk to other groups about this
  • Created websites for groups
  • Created a FAQ, linked from the footer
  • Published stories of local groups here 
693 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash , Georgie Mallett 693 days ago
Donation trading system
Tom A People: 
  • For developed system idea: no one yet
Development Stage: Idea for developed system; basic version exists, as described below.
Peter H Description
Tom A A donation trading system does already exist in a very partial form. Brian Tomasik prompted some individuals to say they could be contacted for trades at at http://effective-altruism.com/ea/fu/can_we_set_up_a_system_for_international_donation/ . A more developed system exists for trades between grant-making organisations such as Effective Altruism Foundation and Charity Science; to join this, contact focusprojects@eahub.org.
Resources spent
  • Time
  • Money
Peter H Comments
670 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash , Georgie Mallett 670 days ago
  • Emails to past survey takers and EA Profiles joiners who hadn't taken it yet
Georgie M
  • Local group organisers (for distribution)
  • GWWC members
  • Proposal for what to include in the 2015 survey results
Georgie M
  • LEAN team Skype meeting 
  • Wrote an action plan to get local groups to hold their first meetup
  • Created an inter-org spreadsheet of local group details to enable coordination 
Tom A
  • GWWC published thir 

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