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Alex Richard

887 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Alex Richard 887 days ago
Alex R
  • Produce popularized and unaffiliated videos/marketing material for Givewell (Kelsey/Ajeya)
  • Have local groups review Givewell pages for typos or errors (Alex/Oliver)
  • Write a shallow GW-esque investigation into a cause area (Oliver)
873 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash , Alex Richard 873 days ago
Givewell Review and Publicization
Alex R People: Alex Richard, Oliver Habryka, Kelsey Piper, Ajeya Cotra
Stanford and Berkeley EA are organizing a review and popularization of  Givewell’s research by EA chapters. Givewell generally encourages feedback on their research,  and has said that it is one of the few types of volunteer labor that  could be useful for them; Givewell also doesn't currently do  popularizations of their material. Both of these tasks are very valuable: Givewell does make occasional errors, and more outreach for Givewell will likely translate pretty directly into more donations for Givewell.
763 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Alex Richard 763 days ago
People: Benjamin Olsen, Alex Richard
866 days ago
Ozzie G 12 July 2015 - Workathon
  • Sub-Events
Deep Dive with Matthew Gentzel
Peter H
  • Participants
Ozzie G Ozzie Gooen
  • Do EA Signup
  • Trying to figure out ftp credentials.
  • Organize deep dive [started]
  • Create Wiki page
  • Create Google Hangout
  • Organize .impact meetings page DONE
  • Help other people find tasks ongoing
  • Publish EA Volunteer opportunities on EA Forum as comments people can add to and vote up and down not started
  • Cross-publish on .impact and EA FB not started
  • Finish draft of my Q2 Review not started
  • Write post on Earning to Give if time permits
  • Quick and self-regarding: create EA Profile (DONE), join EA Forum (DONE), join EA Reading Group on goodreads (DONE)
  • Review EA Global (Google/SF) schedule and determine any worthwhile prep activities
  • Register vegstrength domain(s)
  • Open to providing feedback and help on any other projects -- let me know!
  • Finish housing improvement program comment for the Department of Interior
  • Prepare presentation for deep dive at 2 PM PDT
  • Help with sign-on for the effective-altruism wiki.
  • Local effective altruism network tasks
  • Chapters outreach
  • working on newsletter project
Giego C Diego Caleiro 
  • Altruism: Past, Present, Propagation
  • Click the link above if you want to comment! ! ! or interact about it. 
Tom A Olivia
  • process marcus aps
  • process peter aps - add all (by default) to new shared .impact asana
  • Finish email to GBS (ccing Jon Courtney of GWWC) re coordinating our creation of local EA groups, esp. in Germany
  •  organise chapter push .impact deep dive - the sooner the better
  • brief email to tyler and kerry re mark email
  • Talk with Tom/Ryan/Peter to clarify + finish up EA Forum issue #1 (linking with profiles)
  • Do EA hub dropdown
  • Radical Givers
Linchuan Zhang
Callum Calvert
Callum C
  • fix broken links on ACE site Done
  • Social Media Reports for ACE
  • Prepare how to guide for AB testing in google analytics
  • Look into E-commerce tracking in google analytics Pending Tom
Tom A
kieran g
  • Prepare blog post for ACE
  • Cross reference those doing p2p fundraising with EA FB 2 see if they are EAs.
Art K Jessica Watson Miller
Working on Numerate Newsletter
(Here's the link of the google doc where I'm gathering numbers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RBu7YYd8HPJB0_p0g1vvWU3dhIE1hXPHWe0tuukxUWY/edit?usp=sharing)
Ozzie G
  • General Information
Tom A
  • Possible projects from EA London hackathon ( organized by Richard Batty rjlbatty@gmail.com ): 
  • Recommended Activities
870 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ozzie Gooen , Alex Richard 870 days ago
  • EA Forum Issue #1 Done
Ozzie G
  • Videos
  • Feedback
What worked well
  • Availability
  • Because everyone was around, people were able to get back-and-forth feedback or project help without scheduling meetings or waiting a long time.
Peter H
  • This was the most useful thing for me IMO
Ozzie G
  • Motivation
  • It seemed quite motivating to have everyone doing work at the same time
  • A Short .impact meeting
  • This did keep things simple, but was a bit rushed.  It took 10 minutes to begin, then we only had 20 mins to do work.
  • In general the shortness was nice, especially for large groups of people.  We had around 11 and it could have dragged if we let it.
What didn't work well
  • Sqwiggle was OK, though we haven't found the best period of time.
  • Google hangouts still confusing
  • Time zones.  The meeting started at around 10pm British Summer Time, which was inconvenient for them.
  • Ideas to address:
  • Longer workathons
  • Multiple workathons.
Tom A
  • Or an earlier start
Ozzie G Things to try next time
  • More time.  3 hours was a bit short. 
Peter H
  • Yep, I'd need like five of these to do something useful. ;)
Tom A
  • Clearer way to dive into text or video/audio chats with one person or a smaller group
Ozzie G
  • The San Francisco group could have a projector, or could all talk from one computer.  This would minimize set up issues.
Chris S
  • Is there value in having a very regular slot (eg a few hours each weekend day) where this happens as a sort of live virtual work room?
Haseeb Q
  • ^ This seems like potentially too often to get momentum from everyone. I think one day, 3 hours weekly or bi-weekly is pretty realistic though. We'd have to streamline the setup part, that took disproportionately long.
Peter H
  • I think I'd rather have better attended events less frequently than worse attended events more frequently, but I could easily see myself changing my mind on that.  This is something I'd probably only want to do once every two weeks or once every month.
Ozzie G
  • I think that having one fully-attended event is the most important.  However, it may be possible to have a second set of a more relaxed meeting for people to more casually be part of.
Haseeb Q
  • I will say I personally found this very helpful. I would be happy to continue organizing them on a weekly basis if that's a possibility, or every 2 weeks also works. But I think there's considerable value in structuring our time and focusing on deliverables over a period of 3~ concentrated hours.
  • Recommended Activities

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