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278 days ago
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The essential questions behind this project are
Could regular donors of high impact charities encourage other people to donate more by donating via fundraising pages instead of directly? i.e. Does the sponsorship of an event increase the number and/or value of subsequent sponsorships?
  1. The fundraising pages can be divided into control and treatment groups
A cursory look at the donation pages at the AMF suggests that the number and value of sponsorships on fundraising pages is diverse, as is the length of time between the page being created and the event being sponsored occurring.
In order to maximise the impact of future donations via sponsorship, we would ideally be able to develop a picture of the impact of:
  • Different sponsorship amounts
  • Different fundraising page types
toby j
  • Time of donation
Depending on the eventual budget of this project, examining all three factors may or may not be feasible.
  • Recruitment of potential donors can begin immediately and be ongoing - if you already give to the charity in question then you can elect to redirect this money via this project at no financial cost to the charity or yourself..

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