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  1. The amount that you allocate to your peer connections in this group is the maximum amount that you can get from them in case of employment disability. In the case you allocate €50 total to your first, second and third connections to you (and they) will cover living expenses of €1,000 per month. Note: CommonEasy also has a €10 monthly fee to cover their operating costs.
  • I think it would be good to phrase this more clearly.  How did you get from €50 to €1k??  (I think I understand how, but it would be good to be sure and easier understood.)
  1. If you become unemployed because of physical or mental health reasons, you can submit a ‘claim’ on the CommonEasy website. If no-one in the group disagrees with it, you receive the first payment 2 weeks later. If someone does voice their disagreement, you get the opportunity to reply and solve possible misunderstandings. A voting round follows in the 5 days after that. If 10 or more people vote against your ‘claim’, it is denied. 

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