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Peter H How to Add a Project to .impact
So you have an idea for an effective altruist project?  Great!  We can't promise anyone will work on it, but getting it up on .impact is your best bet for getting the project considered by the wider effective altruist community.
Here's a seven step guide on adding a new project.
  • Oh my gosh, 7 is too many steps.  Make it simpler.
If you want the easy way out, just email Peter Hurford <peter@peterhurford.com> or message him on Facebook, and he'll add the project for you.
But if you're kind enough to do it on your own...
  • How to Add a Project in Seven Simple Steps
Step 1
Go to our Projects Page, and type the name of your project in the appropriate place.
  • If it's a new idea you just thought of and want to propose, put it under "New Ideas"
  • If it's something you've thought about how to implement, put it under "Planning"
  • If it's something you (and maybe other people) are actually working to make happen, put it under "Active Development"
Step 2
Click the "New Hackpad" button at the top left corner.
Step 3
You'll get a new page.  Copy and paste our Project Template into that new page.
Step 4
Fill out all the information you find relevant.  The more details the better.
Step 5
Copy the URL of your project page.  Go back to the Projects listing and link your new project to the page.  Linking is done by highlighting text and clicking the "link" button.
Step 6
Go to our .impact Facebook group and announce your project to .impact!  Include the link to the page you made for your project.  Congratulations!  We'd love to discuss it!
Step 7
Uncork the champagne, you've added a project!
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Peter H
  • Hey, great idea for a project.  However, I talked this over with Ozzie Gooen and my personal opinion (not necessarily Ozzie's) was that the expected savings (estimated at $3K) wasn't worth the estimated time needed to be spent making it (five full-time person-weeks valued at $8k).  Additionally, I'm skeptical that the project could be completed well on such a short time scale (one month). --Peter
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Peter H EA Infographics
People: Danny Neylon, Celso Viera, and potentially Chris Jenkins

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