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Remmelt Ellen

30 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 30 days ago
1. Find a volunteer opportunity or project
Tom A We maintain a list of volunteer opportunities within the EA movement, which any individual or organization can edit and add to. Look through the list of all projects here and find one that you takes your fancy - or add your own.
Benjamin C 2. Get stuck in
Once you’ve found a project you're interested in, our Slack is the place to go to get more involved. Here you can speak to the people currently working on the project and find out how you can contribute. Ask for an invite to Slack here.
Tip: All active projects should have their own chat in a channel prepended with ‘p-‘. Otherwise, just chat in #general.
3. Be part of the community
30 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 30 days ago
The EA Groups Directory is a Facebook page aimed at listing Effective Altruism-related groups and pages. It lists ~430 groups as of the end of February 2017.
It seemed to become difficult for EA'ers to find the right places to discuss their interests after many new Facebook groups were created starting from 2012 (whether spontaneous or formal). Likewise, people with new projects or ideas have to be able to target groups easily whose members could be interested (there is a higher risk of spammy identical posts with this directory though – please give any ideas on how to reduce this). 
Remmelt E Facebook seems like a natural place for people to have spontaneous online conversations in groups.
The EA Groups Directory was designed to create a simple overview for them (as well as discussion groups on other platforms). It is continuously updated by the page admins mentioned above. There is also a EAWiki page where the links have been copied to in the past but it may be appropriate to delete that since reformatting takes too much time.
Note that there was already a Wiki list of discussion groups (unbeknownst to Remmelt) that was last updated on 22 March 2016 as of the end of that year. The advantage of this system is that everyone can in principle edit it instead of sending a message to a select group of admins. The disadvantage is that it is not on the Facebook platform, on which most of the groups are based (it is easier & more intuitive to type in "effective altruism group" in the Facebook search bar than look for it in the wiki).
The page has 151 likes and the list post 99 as of the end of February 2017, which seems to be the most solid indicator of its value (however the post has only had 157 clicks). It was referred to in an EA Global 2016 workshop. Here are other stats for that pinned post, a portion of which was caused by the sharing / clicking activity of Remmelt.
90 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 90 days ago
Tom A
  • Moderators
  • Ben Henry and Claire Zabel (working on survey, etc.)
Giles E Location: 
Peter H Technologies: Facebook
Tom A Development Stage: Launched, with active work to develop and make better use of
Peter H Description
Tom A A public Facebook group titled "Effective Altruists" was created in November 2012 by Ruairi Donelly. It is independent and not affiliated with any other organisation. It was one of the first cases of the term 'effective altruists' catching on as a description of people taking charity and broader do-gooding seriously in an EA style, and of the movement that was coalescing around this. It was pivotal in the term's adoption by this community.
  • Maximising the usefulness of the group
  • Eric Bruylant and Ozzie Gooen are finishing up the latest version of the EA Wiki and adding lists of other Facebook groups, organizations, etc. These lists can be linked to.
Remmelt E
  • Related to the above comment: feel free to also link to or make use of the EA Group Directory.
  • Maybe also message new members proactively with a standard line? (Hi ... what made you interested in Effective Altruism?)
109 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 109 days ago
Josh J
  • I bought them from Ponoko. Smart idea to post them there. That said, as an FYI, they arrived with issue #4 (a film attached to the plastic that I so far can't completely remove).
  • Thank you for checking this out! Was the issue with the original file (not with the updated one above?). Sorry that it didn't turn out as well as it should have. 
Josh Jacobson, I'm re-reading your comment. First I thought you meant small bits of film stuck in between engraved letters of the original design. But now I see you meant the new files I uploaded and I think you mean the brown paper. Have you been able to remove it? This article recommenda using kerosine:
I'd love to see a picture as well!
109 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Remmelt Ellen 109 days ago
Remmelt E Hi Francelle, I've been also been working on something for people involved in the EA movement to remind them to do the most good everyday.  I've made this EA laser cut logo that people in the US can order almost for free. 
If you would like to collaborate on combining designs, please tag me here!
303 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Tom Ash , Remmelt Ellen 303 days ago
  • Tom Ash did another round of regular check-ins with people working on this around the world
  • Several more changes finished and will be deployed soon

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