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Gleb Tsipursky

204 days ago
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  • Actions you can help with for CommonEasy
Also: see a high-potential alternative to CommonEasy – Antigravity Investments – further below.
673 days ago
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Gleb T Comments
  • Michael Dello , I would be interested in discussing collaboration with Intentional Insights to provide some marketing expertise for this nonprofit consulting company, my email is gleb@intentionalinsights.org 
366 days ago
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  • This does not necessarily mean getting people to join the EA  movement, as there are some dangers to rapid movement growth. This does mean, however, getting the ideas of EA-style effective giving to a broad audience. As an example, this article  encourage people to give effectively, and only briefly mention Effective Altruism. Doing so balances the benefits of using marketing tactics to channel money to effective charities, while not heavily promoting EA itself to ameliorate the dangers of rapid movement growth. 
  • For example, here is a link to  the outcome of an Intentional Insights collaboration with The  Life You Can Save to spread effective giving to the secular community through Giving Games. Giving Games are a participatory workshop where participants learn about a few pre-selected charities,  think about and discuss their relative merits and evidence for each, and choose which charity will get a donation of about $10 per participant, with donations sponsored by an outside party, in this case The  Life You Can Save. We  have launched a pilot program with the Secular Student Alliance to bring Giving Games to over 300 secular student groups throughout the world, with The  Life You Can Save dedicating $10,000 to the pilot program, and easily capable of raising more if it works well.
Gleb T
  • We collaborate or have collaborated with a number of other organizations, and you can see more information on this on page 17 here 
420 days ago
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421 days ago
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  • Here is a podcast the well-known Unbelievers Radio, where we did the first Giving Game on air, which you can also use when suggesting a local secular group  hosts a Giving Game.
425 days ago
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  • The eighth video features Tee Barnett, the leader and co-founder of Students for High-Impact Charity, talking about that organization and how it will benefit the world. This video is especially good to share to convey the positive impact of EA in educational settings. 
Gleb T
  • The ninth video features Jon Behar, the Chief Operating Officer of The Life You Can Save and leader of the Giving Games project, discussing both topics. The video is really illustrative of how EA meta-charities promote effective giving. 

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