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Giles Edkins

914 days ago
884 days ago
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  • Guest posting for more famous blogs - not yet being done?
929 days ago
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Technologies: Email, Facebook, EA forum, Smart giving reddit 
Development Stage: Idea
Giles E The goal is to avoid the necessity of having to check social media, blogs, etc. constantly. This can be a big productivity drain. What I'm imagining is a system to aggregate this information and then present it in a daily email.
The required components would be:
  • Aggregating
  • Facebook groups
  • Wiki edits
  • Some feeds are by invitation only. We'd need to make sure this is respected (or just not include them at all)
  • EA self help group
  • CFAR alumni
  • GWWC community
  • Classifying and filtering
  • Classify posts by topic so that people can unsubscribe from stuff they're not interested in (e.g. xrisk, local meetup reports)
  • This is likely to be a semi-manual process
  • Presenting information in an email
  • Replies to comments
  • Should be possible with the EA forum
  • I don't know if it's possible with Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc.
  • Reply asking for more
  • This would give the full article text in a follow-up email
  • It would also give any blog comments
  • Future emails would also include any further comments that appear, until you desubscribe
  • By adding a hurdle to replying, people might be less involved in the conversation
  • The manual part of this process might itself be a time sink
  • Time:
947 days ago
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We want to hear about your experiences, positive and negative. How did you find out about EA and what drew you in? Do you feel like an outsider? What accomplishments or milestones are you proud of? Have you brought up the topic of EA with your friends, and what was it like? You don't have to be a great writer (you'll learn), and you don't have to use your real name. Contributions to the EA blogosphere are most welcome!
Giles E
  • Help out other EA organizations
909 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Giles Edkins 909 days ago
Giles E Time Tracking Group
Peter H People: 
Giles E Location: 
Peter H Technologies: 
Ozzie G Development Stage: Idea
Peter H Description
Giles E What do people in the EA movement actually do with their time? If we knew the answer to that question then we could figure out:
  • what we should be doing more of
  • what we should be doing less of
  • what we're doing so much of that it's worth optimizing
  • who would make a good role model for whom (similar lifestyle but more efficient)
  • how much projects cost in terms of hours
I think the MVP would be a group of people sharing their collected data with each other, giving advice and trying experiments. They could also produce reports to the rest of the community (with personally identifiable stuff removed).
Data that could be shared within the group:
  • RescueTime
  • Beeminder
  • (please add to this list)
What could be in the reports:
  • Our best guess as to how much time the group spends overall on which kind of activity
  • How this is broken down is important. The main categories could be: work, personal, sleep and EA.
  • Some idea of the spread
  • Is there a spectrum from "lazy EAs" to "super hardcore EAs"?
  • Is there a spectrum from "earning to give" to "directly doing EA stuff"?
  • What experiments we tried, and whether they seemed to make any difference
  • Recommendations (e.g. "People in the EA movement seem to spend too much time on Facebook and not enough time exercising. Here are some recommendations on how to fix that")
  • People would worry about being judged based on what they're spending their time on
  • The project (particularly the data collection stage) would add more overhead than it's worth
  • The project would run out of momentum
Peter H Subprojects (include if any)
  • Text.
Meetings (include if any)
  • Text.
Resources spent (fill in with actual numbers, if available)
Ozzie G
  • Time: ? hours
Tom A
  • Money: $?
Peter H Comments
Peter H
  • Allows for a section for people to comment as relevant.
647 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Haseeb Qureshi , Giles Edkins 647 days ago
  • make a plan for the internal Trinity EA event
  • Radical Givers stuff
  • No internet!
934 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Giles Edkins , William Saunders , Lawrence Chan 934 days ago
  • The inherently unpredictable far future might dominate expected utility calculations
  • GiveWell and ACE produce expected-value calculations in some of the more tractable cases, but then caution against taking these estimates too seriously
William S With cooperation from the organizations, it might be possible to get more information, such as
  • An estimate of current Room For More Funding, plus a concise description of what they would plan to do if they got all of the funding. (maybe most relevant in December when orgs usually start matching donation schemes)
Is it possible to roll all of the above into a nice formula, preferably one with the following properties?
  • Not too sensitive to the values put in
  • One formula works for everything, to ensure fairness
If it is not possible to roll this into a nice formula, it might be possible to summarize all of the relevant information in a concise qualitative format, like givewell did in the summary table in their charity recommendation (http://blog.givewell.org/2014/12/01/our-updated-top-charities/). You could have the chart partially update based on information given: ie. eliminating animal or far future organizations if user desires, eliminating factors the user feels are irrelevant, etc.
Tom A
  • I think the minimum viable product version of this would be a written document (e.g. a post on the EA Forum, or EA Wiki entry) listing organisations and describing which of these properties they have. You could perhaps add a graph for that. I'd be interested in contributing to a graph of that.
William S
  • I think the written product would be very useful to have. I don't think there is currently even something like a list of meta-charities with their current budget and room for more funding in one place

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