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Michael Sadowsky

730 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michael Sadowsky 730 days ago
William S
  • I propose the following: 1) Create a set of survey questions that could be sent to EA orgs to capture basic information, current funding, room for more funding, and what they would do with funding 2) Send it out around the December giving/planning season and 3) put the results up on a website, without any additional interpretation (could maybe add other people's views, or post on EA forum). (If GPP and OOP are already planning to do this, then this doesn't need to be done, but otherwise I think it would be useful).
Michael S
  • My friend and I were modeling the benefits of potential interventions a couple weeks ago and realized that EA as a whole might benefit from a well constructed utility calculator which makes comparing the expected value of potential interventions easier. I came across this post, but it looks like this particular project lost momentum. I'd be interested in helping to revive it and working towards the ultimate goal of creating a systematic method for modeling the benefits of interventions and estimating the parameters of the model. 
  • We could have a calculator with models for various interventions (donate X dollars to AI-risk focused orgs, donate to AMA, work for an EA meta organization, work directly in politics, etc.). It would contain rough estimates of the parameters estimated through a systematic method (I'm thinking perhaps some Good Judgment Project style panel for the more subjective parameters). It would also have the ability for people to enter their own estimates for the parameters. Outcomes might be measured across several dimensions to be determined (eg. QALYs/WALYs, animal lives, % X-risk reduction, etc.).
  • I'm willing to put in some time to make this happen (I expect to have a substantial amount of time briefly after Thanksgiving) and I'm happy to spend up to few thousand dollars for incentives for a survey/panel when we get to that stage. Is this something others would be interested in? Does anyone have any advice on where to begin/what direction to go in? Thanks a lot!
750 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Mark Bao , Ozzie Gooen 750 days ago
  • Plan more about how to automate workathons
Ozzie G
  • Write documentatintation for Guesstimate
  • Not sure what I'm going to be doing yet. Maybe more work on the wiki?
  • Updated the EA Handbook's epub and mobi versions and fixed bugs

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