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Giego Caleiro

849 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ozzie Gooen , Giego Caleiro , Rebecca Raible , Taylor Smith 849 days ago
  • Workathon Organization
Ozzie G
  • Effective Altruism Global lightning talk summary.
  • Post to Facebook about joining Slack group
  • Respond to Randy about updates to existential fund
  • EAG preparation - finding who to to talk to etc... 
  • Conversation notes (one; two)
  • Edit conv notes
Rebecca R
  • Cleared email
  • Prep for LG update
  • Figure out other EA projects to work on?
  • I didn't go in person so I didn't do much. 
856 days ago
Ozzie G 19 July 2015 - Workathon
  • Sub-Events
Ozzie Gooen
  • Workathon organization
  • Created Slack group, invited people [DONE]
  • Note:  send me your email address if you would like me to add you.
  • Message James Norris about setting up future meetups on meetup.com [DONE]
  • Organize the next event
  • Make 'workathon organizational checklist'
  • Asana Tasks
  • Do EA Signup
  • Trying to figure out ftp credentials.
  • working on problem identification/resolution forum - please message if you're curious at shane@stranahan.com
  • Work on a project examining suffering for a newsletter
  • Take care of edits to AMF update
  • If finish those, work on prep for LG update
Linchuan Z Linchuan Zhang (Linch)
  • Work on a initial feasibility analysis for a GWWC project.
  • Work on brainstorming/networking with ways to encourage Christian involvement with EA.  
  • Get feedback on draft
Stephen F Stephen Frey
  • Evaluate expected amount of time needed to reach design milestones in a knowledge mapping project, forecast future
  • Any clue as to what I should be working on?
  • Surveying current EA projects and looking for a good task fit for my skills. [Ongoing]
  • Setting up EA accounts on EA Hub, EA Forum, etc, to engage with the community [DONE]
Haseeb Q Haseeb Qureshi
  • Working on copy for Radical Givers w/ Callum Calvert, as well as contacting finance EtGers
  • Wrote an email to my dad asking him to help with EA Policy Analytics
  • Looking for something else to do now.
Peter H
  • Participants
Total attendance: 14 +- 2
863 days ago
Ozzie G 12 July 2015 - Workathon
  • Sub-Events
Deep Dive with Matthew Gentzel
Peter H
  • Participants
Total attendance: 22 +/- 4
Ozzie G Ozzie Gooen
  • Do EA Signup
  • Trying to figure out ftp credentials.
  • Organize deep dive [DONE] (1 Hour, 40 minutes)
  • Create Wiki page [DONE]
  • Create Google Hangout [DONE]
  • Organize .impact meetings page DONE
  • Help other people find tasks DONE-ish
  • Publish EA Volunteer opportunities on EA Forum as comments people can add to and vote up and down DONE-ish
  • Cross-publish on .impact and EA FB DONE
  • Finish draft of my Q2 Review not started
  • Write post on Earning to Give if time permits
  • Quick and self-regarding: create EA Profile (DONE), join EA Forum (DONE), join EA Reading Group on goodreads (DONE)
  • Review EA Global (Google/SF) schedule and determine any worthwhile prep activities (DONE)
  • Register vegstrength domain(s) (DONE)
  • Open to providing feedback and help on any other projects -- let me know! (good engagement and ongoing)
  • Finish housing improvement program comment for the Department of Interior
  • Prepare presentation for deep dive at 2 PM PDT
  • Help with sign-on for the effective-altruism wiki.
Tom A
  • Local effective altruism network tasks
  • Chapters outreach
  • working on newsletter project
Giego C Diego Caleiro 
  • Altruism: Past, Present, Propagation
  • Click the link above if you want to comment! ! ! feel free to invite me to hangouts about it. 
Tom A Olivia
  • Help Alex Richard with his EA Forum and EA Hub website work, inc. getting Trike to lower the posting threshold to 5 karma (let the floodgates open!) done
  • process marcus aps done
  • process peter aps - add all (by default) to new shared .impact asana not done
  • Finish email to GBS (ccing Jon Courtney of GWWC) re coordinating our creation of local EA groups, esp. in Germany done
  •  organise chapter push .impact deep dive - the sooner the better took forwards and passed the baton
  • brief email to tyler and kerry re mark email not done
  • Talk with Tom/Ryan/Peter to clarify + finish up EA Forum issue #1 (linking with profiles)
  • Do EA hub dropdown
  • Radical Givers
Linchuan Zhang
Linchuan Z
  •  Review Giving Games blog post for Jon Behar.
  • Offer constructive feedback for Diego's Table of Contents.
  • Email professors about contributing to EA policy analytics.
  • Contact Shannon about opportunities for getting Christians involved with EA. 
Peter H Callum Calvert
Callum C
  • fix broken links on ACE site Done
  • Social Media Reports for ACE Ongoing
  • Prepare how to guide for AB testing in google analytics Done
  • Look into E-commerce tracking in google analytics Pending Tom
Tom A
kieran g
  • Prepare blog post for ACE
  • Cross reference those doing p2p fundraising with EA FB 2 see if they are EAs.
Working on Numerate Newsletter
(Here's the link of the google doc where I'm gathering numbers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RBu7YYd8HPJB0_p0g1vvWU3dhIE1hXPHWe0tuukxUWY/edit?usp=sharing)

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