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Tom Ash

1004 days ago
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EARadio Podcast
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Tom A
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1118 days ago
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Tom A If you're starting an effective altruist project - or simply have an idea for one - then it's a good idea to record it on .impact. This lets EAs share ideas, suggest collaborations and opportunities, and learn from one another. It's also the most transparent way to share information.
Even if you're only suggesting the roughest idea, why not jot it down in the section full of ideas? We can't promise anyone will work on it, but this is the best bet for getting the project considered by the wider community - and you never know, you could inspire the next big thing!
Any type of project is welcome, from a small piece of writing to a major research project, and from a single webpage to a whole new web application. Here's a seven step guide on adding a new one:
  • If it's a new idea you just thought of and want to propose, put it under "Ideas"
  • If it's something you've thought about how to implement, put it under "Planning"
917 days ago
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People: Charity Science (initial idea suggested by Niel Bowerman, Stephanie Crampin)
Location: http://ukfundraisers.causevox.com/ (other countries coming very soon)
Development Stage: Launched
Niel B Deadline: One couple would like to use this in the first week of March 2014, as this is when their invites are being sent out, but it would be useful for other people after this as well.  
A friend of mine is getting married, and is hoping to get his guests to donate to mainly Giving What We Can and GiveWell recommended charities.  I won't put the exact amount here or how we reached the figure, but we estimate the site would probably be moving $10,000s.  The only existing service that lets him do this (www.idofoundation.org) charges 15% commission.  If someone were able to set this up, it would probably result in the equivalent of a couple $1000s in additional donations to recommended charities.  
1080 days ago
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People: Charity Science ( Joey Savoie, Peter Hurford, Tom Ash, Xio)
Development Stage: Active
Tom A Charity Science funs peer-to-peer fundraisers for EA, and has software and matching funds for doing so. If you're interested in running one, sign up at the links above, or contact us!

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